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Premium Bamboo Sleepsuits

Give little ones the sweetest marshmallow dreams every night in these premium bamboo EasyZip sleepsuits crafted with the softest marshmallow-y & sustainable bamboo fabric. All our bamboo sleepsuits feature a two-way zipper, fold-over footies, and fold-over scratch mittens to keep baby warm and snug through the night.

    Best baby sleepsuits in Singapore

    Crafted from OEKO-TEX Certified premium Bamboo fabric, The Green Edit's bamboo sleep suit ensures the same luxurious quality as our #1 best-selling bamboo swaddle, that is well-loved by parents and babies!

    Supersoft baby bamboo sleepsuits to sleep through the night (STTN)

    Infant sleep plays an important role in a child's development, including cognition and physical growth. 

    A baby's sleepsuit is essential in keeping your baby warm and snug throughout the night. Available in slim fit and regular fit, our long sleeve Easyzip baby bamboo sleepsuits (affectionately known as zippies) range from newborn to 24 months.

    Are bamboo sleep suits good for babies?

    Sleepsuits, also known as baby sleepers or footed pajamas, are a great option for babies for several reasons:

    1. Comfort: The Green Edit's sleepsuits are made of super soft and breathable bamboo fabric, providing a cozy and comfortable sleep environment for babies. The stretchy material allows for freedom of movement while keeping the baby snug and warm.

    2. Convenience: The Green Edit's bamboo sleepsuits often feature dual zippers, which make dressing and diaper changes hassle-free, especially during nighttime routines when both parents and baby prefer minimal disruption.

    3. Safety: Sleepsuits eliminate the need for loose blankets in the crib, reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), suffocation or overheating. They provide a secure and enclosed sleeping space, promoting a safe sleep environment for babies.

    4. Warmth: The Green Edit's bamboo sleepsuits come with foldover footies to keep the baby's feet covered and warm, eliminating the need for separate socks or booties. This ensures that the baby's entire body is comfortably insulated during sleep, maintaining a consistent and cozy temperature.

    5. Transitional Wear: Sleepsuits can serve as transitional clothing for babies who have outgrown swaddling or are transitioning from a bassinet to a crib. They provide a similar level of comfort and security, allowing babies to feel snug and supported as they adjust to new sleep routines.

    How many sleepsuits does my baby need?

    The number of sleepsuits a baby needs can vary depending on factors such as laundry frequency and personal preference. As a general guideline, starting with 3-5 sleepsuits is a good idea. This allows for regular changes due to messes or spills and ensures you have enough clean sleepsuits on hand. It's also helpful to have a few extra as backup for those unexpected moments when you may need to change your baby multiple times in a day. You may need to adjust the number of sleepsuits based on your specific needs and circumstances.

    How to help baby sleep through the night

    Follow a calming bedtime routine such as wiping baby down after his/her last feed, changing his/her diaper and changing him/her into a comfortable bamboo sleepsuit. Read a bedtime story to baby then when you see signs of tiredness, such as when baby is rubbing his/her eyes, put baby down to bed drowsy but awake. This is important as putting drowsy babies bed helps them link it with the process of falling asleep. 

    If necessary, consider swaddling baby to help him/her fall asleep faster and longer. Bamboo swaddles offer superior breathability and stretchability so that baby will be kept snug, and just at the right temperature. Sleep experts recommend to stop swaddling baby between two to four months when they learn to roll over on their tummy.

    Help! Why is my baby not sleeping?

    Babes are born with no established circadian rhythm which will only develop when they are about three to four months old. This explains why baby may sleep in the day and not at night (yes, we know how you feel). You can help baby distinguish day (light) by exposing babies to natural cues in the day from night (dark) by providing a dark environment at night.

    How long should my baby sleep?

    The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends a total sleep duration of

    • 14 to 17 hours a day from birth to three months;

    • 12 to 15 hours a day from four to 11 months; and

    • 11 to 14 hours a day for infants aged one to two years.

    Sleep problems during infancy have been shown to be associated with subsequent sleep problems during early childhood, which in turn are linked to behavioural and learning problems.

    Parenting made easy

    The Green Edit's luxurious bamboo sleepsuits for baby are crafted in premium bamboo fabric and features double-zipper for easy diaper changes at night, concealed zipper for baby's comfort and safety, fold over anti-scratch mittens and footies to keep baby's hands and feet warm and absolutely no pesky clothing tags which will irritate baby's sensitive skin. While you’re looking for baby bamboo sleep suits, why not take a look at other baby necessities, like blankets, pillows, soothers and more. Shop for our products anytime online at the comfort of your own home, and enjoy free delivery when you spend $99.

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