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Allergy-Friendly Cafes & Restaurants To Bring Your Children to in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Singapore's Best Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Veggie, and Vegan-Friendly Cafes & Restaurants

East Coast Commune - TGE's Favourite!

East Coast Commune - Gluten-Free, Kids Friendly Cafe

Our favourite cafe of the list! No surprise here as there is something for everyone!

The adults menu offers a wide array of brunch staples such as a breakfast platter, avo toast, to striploin and eggs. Their children's menu features hot favourites such as the petite brekkie, carbonara and even sourdough pancakes.

The space is huge and welcoming, and there's even a play area for kids with books and toys, complete with a wooden see-saw!

The best part is... They accept reservations and are most accomodating to most requests if reasonable and they always made sure to check if our children had any allergy to any food items.

After brunch, you can even bring the kids to the huge playground just right outside to burn off their energy.

Gluten-free // Vegan // Vegetarian

East Coast. Website:

The Living Cafe - Best Allergy-Friendly Cafe

The Living Cafe - Plant-Based Cafe

The Living Cafe offers a wide selection of plant-based dishes, raw food, raw desserts, healthy but delicious burgers and pizzas, fresh juices and smoothies and homemade cakes. You can have peace of mind knowing exactly which menu items are suitable for your little ones with allergies as they took the effort to indicate the allergy and diet information for every item on the menu.

If a menu item catches your fancy but have special dietary restrictions, you can always speak to their staff and they would be happy to help you out.

Gluten-free // Vegan // Vegetarian // Dairy-free // Nut-free

Bukit Timah Road. Website:

The Whole Kitchen - Gluten Free, Low Sugar Bakery

The Whole Kitchen - Gluten-Free Cafe in Singapore

With two bakery and cafés in Singapore, The Whole Kitchen offers a delightful array of allergy-friendly, nutritious, and delicious Australian food. With a focus on using natural and high-quality ingredients, The Whole Kitchen ensures that their offerings are not only allergy-friendly but also nutritious and delicious for little ones to indulge in. When you're done with your meal, you can also check out their guilt-free bakery goods such as spiced carrot cake, flavorful hot cross buns, cookies and more to takeaway for tea!

Beyond their delectable treats, we recently noticed that The Whole Kitchen also has a blog section that shares a range of topics from recipes, nutrition and to sharings from guest chefs, all in a bid to empower and educate individuals with specific dietary requirements.

Gluten-free // Vegan // Vegetarian

Katong & CBD. Website:

Baker & Cook / Plank Pizza - Gluten-Free Paradise

Baker & Cook - Allergen-friendly cafe in Singapore

With multiple locations across Singapore, Baker & Cook is a fantastic option for families seeking gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options. Their extensive menu features gluten-free bread, pastry, and cake options that taste heavenly.

What we like is that most Baker and Cook outlets share the same space as Plank Pizza, so you can have the best of both worlds (or if the family can't agree on brunch or pizza. We know, both options are equally tempting). Plank Pizza offers sourdough pizza bases with generous toppings. Gluten-free pizza bases are also available upon request.

The warm and welcoming space, and their friendly staff, make it a fuss-free and family-friendly dining experience.

Gluten-free // Vegan // Vegetarian

Kind Kones - Vegan Ice Creams

Kind Kones Ice Cream - Vegan & Gluten-Free Ice Cream

At Kind Kones you can rest assured that they only use natural and wholesome plant-based ingredients with no preservatives. This means that your children are only getting the good stuff without compromising on the taste!

Kind Kones offers a wide range of dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free ice creams and cookies, ensuring that your little ones can indulge in delicious flavors with little allergen-related concerns.

Gluten-free // Vegan // Vegetarian

Multiple Locations. Website:

Bonus: Oslen Bakehouse - No Sugar Cakes!

Not really a cafe or restaurant as they do not have seats here except for a small coffee table at the front of the shop.

However, we wanted to give Oslen Bakehouse a special mention as they offer gluten-friendly, vegan and baby-friendly bakes! We came to know about Oslen Bakehouse when a lovely friend sent over a birthday cake for Keira on her first birthday and told us that it had no sugar or salt so that Keira could actually have her (birthday) cake and eat it! Of course, the little girl was delighted to have her first ever cake she actually finished a huge slice of it.

Gluten-free // Vegan // Vegetarian // Low-sugar

Dining out with children who have allergies or dietary restrictions can be challenging, but with this list of allergy-friendly cafes in Singapore, we hope that dining out with your little ones can be enjoyable too. So, gather your little foodies, explore these allergy-friendly cafes, and embark on a delightful food adventure that promises both safety and scrumptiousness, knowing that your child's allergies are being catered to without compromising on taste or quality.

Happy dining!


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