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A Comprehensive Guide: What to Consider When Purchasing Baby Clothes

Purchasing baby clothes can be an exciting but overwhelming task for new parents. With so many options available, (from adorable onesies to tiny socks, every piece seems irresistibly cute, we digress) it's important to make informed choices that do not compromise on both style and functionality.

In this article, we will guide you through the essential factors to consider when buying baby clothes, ensuring your little one's comfort, safety, and style.

1. Fabric Quality

Fabric quality is a crucial aspect to consider when buying baby clothes. It is important to opt for natural fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton, or linen. Just as you would be mindful of the ingredients in your little one's meals, it is also important to know the composition of the fabric as some blends contain synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester.

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin, making it essential to choose fabrics that are gentle and non-irritating. Look for fabrics that are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. High-quality fabrics not only ensure comfort but also provide durability, allowing clothes to withstand multiple washes and wear.

In fact, our bamboo clothes get softer after each wash, so you can get peace of mind knowing that your baby's comfort will not get compromised.

2. Sizing

Newborn babies grow exponentially in the first few months, and their clothing sizes change accordingly. Avoid buying an excess of newborn-sized clothes, as your baby may outgrow them within weeks. Opt for clothing that offers a bit of room for growth. When unsure about the size, we always advise our customers that it's wise to purchase a size up to ensure more mileage on the baby clothes.

TGE Tip: If you have not given birth, we recommend going for our 0-3 months sizing as our baby clothing are generously sized. However, if your baby is 2 months old, we recommend going for 3-6 months (for average-sized babies). If in doubt, refer to our sizing chart as all babies are unique and grow at their own pace.

3. Easy Accessibility

Dressing a squirmy baby can be quite a task, so it's important to choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Look for baby clothing with wide neck openings, snap buttons, or zippers or kimono-style bodysuits that open up for hassle-free dressing and diaper changes.

TGE Tip: Our kimonos that feature a classic wrap-around or our EasyZip rompers (short zippies) allow you to dress baby easily after his or her bath. In case of a poonami, just unbutton or unzip baby, carefully lift baby away from the crime scene, and clean baby up.

(We can't say for sure it'll be this easy with the usual onesies or bodysuits that you'll need to pull over your baby's head when dressing or undressing we can't even bring ourselves to imagine...)

4. Practicality and Functionality

Consider the functionality of baby clothes for daily activities. Choose outfits that allow for easy movement and are appropriate for the weather conditions. For warm and humid countries like Singapore, lightweight and breathable fabrics such as bamboo or organic cotton with short sleeves or sleeveless options are ideal.

5. Versatility and Mix-and-Match Options

To make the most of your baby's wardrobe, consider purchasing versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched. Selecting items that can be paired with multiple outfits provides more variety and reduces the need for excessive clothing. Opt for neutral colors or prints that can easily be coordinated with other pieces in your baby's wardrobe - which can also be passed on to their sibling!

6. Machine-Washable Bamboo Clothes

Last but not least, you can be sure that your little ones will soil and dirty their clothes more than once a day, which means frequent washing! Look for baby clothes that are machine-washable. You can thank us later!

At The Green Edit, we understand the convenience and time-saver the washing machine can be for modern-day parents. So you can rest assured that all our products can be machine-washed, even our fluffy pillows (which we endearingly refer to as S'more Hugs)!

By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that your little one's clothing not only looks adorable but also prioritizes their comfort and safety. Remember, happy and comfortable babies make for happy and content parents. Happy shopping and enjoy dressing up your bundle of joy in style!


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