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Premium Bamboo Pyjamas

Snuggle up to the softest bamboo pyjamas. Our much-loved premium bamboo pyjamas are crafted in the softest fabric, making them perfect for sleeping in soundly every night. Mum's favourite feature? Side buttons on our 2-piece pyjamas to keep kids' bellies covered and warm through the night. 


Best Pyjamas for Children with Eczema

Looking for the best eczema pyjamas for kids? As moms to children with eczema, we were always googling how to soothe (or better yet cure) their eczema. It didn’t occur to us that their clothes were causing their eczema flare-ups! Then the next issue we faced was the lack of children’s sleepwear for eczema skin / sensitive skin. Eczema-prone skin is already itchy, so the choice of fabric that is in contact with their skin for 10-12 hours at night is very crucial. 


The Green Edit was born from frustration and passion to solve our children’s eczema issues. We love our bamboo pyjamas for its breathability, its silky soft texture that glides gently over little bub's skin, and most importantly, it is 100% free from clothing tags (oh, don’t we all know how annoying those things can be). 

You can also read more about the benefits of bamboo fabric here.

Comfy Boy & Girls Pyjamas For A Good Night's Sleep

We know how important it is to wear comfortable clothing to sleep in at night, and we want that for our little ones too! Let your little ones snuggle in the comfort our our bamboo pj and lounge sets which can be easily paired with our bamboo T-shirts in the day. Designed with a relaxed fit and crafted with only premium bamboo which is breathable and lightweight, little ones can stay comfy in these stylish and comfortable pj / lounge sets from day to night. Our little ones absolutely love wearing these for long flights annd road trips!

Sleepwear Shop Singapore

Shop affordable and stylish PJ sets online in the comfort of your own home with The Green Edit. All our pyjamas are made with premium bamboo fabric which is cooling in Singapore's hot and humid weather. Enjoy free shipping in Singapore for orders above S$99.

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