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Image by Luma Pimentel

Benefits of Bamboo For Eczema & Sensitive Skin

Research has shown that bamboo fabric is beneficial for the healing of sensitive skin with conditions like eczema or dermatitis. Bamboo is the softest and least abrasive fabric for delicate skin, next to silk.

No Nasties

Bamboo only requires natural rainfall to grow and thrive.

No nasty pesticides or harsh chemicals, making it the natural choice material for little ones. 

Just 100% love.

Absorbent &

Moisture Wicking

Sweat is the #1 culprit that causes eczema flare ups. Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton, and able wick moisture away from the skin twice as fast, leaving baby dry and comfortable.

Made to Last

Strong, durable, yet breathable and light - our premium bamboo garments are designed for baby to wear over and over again; getting softer with each wash. 


Bamboo fibers have the ability to resist bacterial growth. This means baby's clothing is less likely to harbor bacteria that could lead to illness or odours.

Soft &


Also known as vegan silk, the softness and coolness of the bamboo fabric are unmatched compared to cotton fabric - making it the best material for baby. 

Planet Positive

Bamboo is highly sustainable, requiring much less time and water to grow compared to cotton.


Bamboo fabric is a naturally hypoallergenic material with fibres that are round and smooth reducing symptoms of skin problems such as eczema other allergies.


Designed with cross sectional fibres, our bamboo fabric is able to regulate the temperature between baby and the air, keeping little ones warm and snug.

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