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S'more Hugs

S’mores Hug, short for sleep more - the perfect bedtime companion. These supersoft bamboo pillows are designed with colorful buntings for little fingers to touch and explore. Dreams never felt sweeter with these marshmallow-y soft s'more hugs


Why everyone loves our S'mores Hugs
(aka Marshmallow Pillow)

The perfect sleeping buddy and chou chou for bub to grow up with. Our S'more hug pillows for babies and kids are filled with twice combed 100% organic cotton, leaving only soft & luxurious goodness so mummies and daddies can have peace of mind knowing that there are no nasties, only 100% love.


Our S'more hug casing is crafted with the same signature bamboo fabric that we use for our baby and kids' clothing range. This bedtime buddy feels supersoft and luxurious against baby's soft and sensitive skin. Looking for a newborn gift or a birthday gift? Look no further. Our S'more hug pillow is the perfect gift for newborns, toddlers and even older children. 

Our S'mores Hug pillows come in two sizes, Small Hug pillow measuring 38cm x 18cm and Big Hug pillow measuring 58cm x 23cm. 

Can the S'more Hug be machine washed?

New parents often worry that washing baby clothes and products (especially bedding) will be a complicated process, requiring much of their precious time. But washing our S'more Hug pillows isn’t as tough as you may think.


As parents, we understand that accidents such as vomiting or wetting the bed can happen. So yes, you can rest easy knowing that all our products including our S'more Hug baby pillows can be machine washed. We recommend removing the S'more Hug Casing and placing both the casing and pillow core into a laundry bag before popping it into the washing machine. 


Wash in cold water, on a gentle cycle when washing, and avoid using fabric softener. Air dry pillow and casing. Do ensure that the pillow core is completely dry inside to prevent the growth of mold. 

Are baby pillows good for babies?

As parents, we want to ensure our baby is sleeping well at night. Baby pillows can be a great way to help baby sleep more comfortably. Benefits of getting a comfy baby pillow for baby includes enhancing baby's sleep experience and preventing flat head syndrome. According to. to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is not recommended to use infant head shaping pillows due to the risk of sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), inclusive of SIDS and suffocation.  

Baby pillows are only recommended when your baby reaches one year old and above. If your baby is still newborn or below one-year-old, it is generally recommended to sleep on a firm and flat mattress free of a pillow, blanket, and any other loose items as they may post a risk of suffocation.

What age can my baby use a pillow?

Most sleep consultants support the use of a comforter / sleep prop / security blanket without supervision in the cot from 7 months. It is a good idea prior to this to introduce the comforter blanket to your baby's night time routine (during feeding and or bed-time story) from the very beginning, so that both of you get used to at every sleep. You can then remove the pillow from the cot when you leave baby to fall asleep prior to 12 months of age.


Also, do ensure that the cot is free of any loose objects such as soft toys and loose bedding to reduce the risk of suffocation or Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It is generally considered safe for babies to use pillows independently after the age of 12 months.

Shop The Green Edit's baby pillows and nursery essentials such as pillowcase, fitted crib sheet, and swaddle blankets to enhance baby's sleep experience. 

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